David M. Carr

Nov 2021 - Dec 2023
District 50 (Staten Island)


Caucus - Common-Sense Caucus
Caucus - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Caucus
Committee on Criminal Justice
Committee on Finance
Committee on Fire and Emergency Management
Committee on Housing and Buildings
Committee on Parks and Recreation
Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises

Legislation (2022-2023 Session)

Council member David M. Carr has introduced 4 bills in the current legislative session.

1 bills are in Committee , 2 bills are Laid Over in Committee , 1 bills are Enacted

intro.nyc/0155-2022 Enacted Requiring the commissioner of buildings to waive filing fees for permits to alter family dwellings to conform to the NYC fire code.
with 9 sponsors
intro.nyc/0156-2022 Requiring carbon monoxide detecting devices in the basements of certain dwellings.
with 7 sponsors
intro.nyc/0230-2022 Recycled paper facilities.
with 4 sponsors
intro.nyc/0524-2022 Interest rates applicable to installment agreements for the payment of property tax arrears.
with 11 sponsors

Sponsored Legislation

Council member David M. Carr has sponsored 23 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session.

intro.nyc/0001-2022 Dismissal of summonses alleging violations of executive orders in connection with COVID-19 and the refund of monetary penalties paid in connection with such violations.
Introduced by Kalman Yeger
intro.nyc/0036-2022 Requiring auxiliary radio communication systems in certain buildings in specific occupancy groups.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0037-2022 Allocation of resources for green infrastructure.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0038-2022 Notification of changes to appropriations of capital projects funded by the council.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0039-2022 Use of non-deadly physical force in self-defense by a peace officer or security guard at a shelter.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0040-2022 Removing public urination from the list of offenses diverted to the office of administrative trials and hearings.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0041-2022 Increasing access to annual disclosure forms and repealing paragraph 2 of subdivision e of section 12-110 of such code relating to notification of requests to examine disclosure reports.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0042-2022 Establishing a charter revision commission to draft a new or revised city charter.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0043-2022 Requiring that certain injured animals receive timely veterinary care.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0044-2022 Report on costs to repair sidewalks damaged by city-owned trees.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0045-2022 Requiring centralized siting of active transportation docking stations.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0046-2022 Establishing an inter-borough planning and advisory commission for the siting of active transportation parking hubs in the city.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0055-2022 Creation of a separate 311 category for COVID-19 testing site complaints.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0056-2022 Establishing a nightlife opioid antagonist program.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé
intro.nyc/0098-2022 Reimbursing small nonpublic schools for the cost of security guard services.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0139-2022 Report on the impact of the deaths of parents and guardians from COVID-19 on children and the repeal of such requirement upon the expiration thereof.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu
intro.nyc/0210-2022 Creating a marine debris disposal and vessel surrendering office.
Introduced by Joann Ariola
intro.nyc/0246-2022 Requiring an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all council members for the passage of any local law or resolution that raises taxes.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden
intro.nyc/0312-2022 Increasing certain penalties for excessive noise from motor vehicles.
Introduced by Erik D. Bottcher
intro.nyc/0379-2022 Creation of a task force to study and report on the feasibility of an independent city of Staten Island.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli
intro.nyc/0480-2022 Enacted Naming of 78 thoroughfares and public places.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan
intro.nyc/0620-2022 Requiring the department of health and mental hygiene to conduct monkeypox education and prevention efforts and establish an infectious disease vaccine scheduling portal.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson
intro.nyc/0631-2022 Requiring the department of health and mental hygiene to report information regarding vaccination related to monkeypox,
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé