Kamillah Hanks

Jan 2022 - Dec 2023
District 49 (Staten Island)


Caucus - Black, Latino and Asian Caucus
Caucus - Women's Caucus
Committee on Civil Service and Labor
Committee on Education
Committee on Environmental Protection
Committee on Finance
Committee on Land Use
Committee on Public Safety (chair)
Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises

Legislation (2022-2023 Session)

Council member Kamillah Hanks has introduced 2 bills in the current legislative session.

2 bills are in Committee

intro.nyc/0535-2022 Increasing transparency and accountability in the real property tax assessment process.
with 4 sponsors
intro.nyc/0536-2022 Establishing an office of the waterfront.
with 3 sponsors

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Kamillah Hanks has sponsored 26 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session.

intro.nyc/0056-2022 Establishing a nightlife opioid antagonist program.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé
intro.nyc/0104-2022 Enacted Defining the term self-closing door.
Introduced by Oswald Feliz
intro.nyc/0105-2022 Enacted Housing and fire safety.
Introduced by Oswald Feliz
intro.nyc/0106-2022 Enacted Sale of electric space heaters.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif
intro.nyc/0115-2022 Minimum temperatures required to be maintained in dwellings.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson
intro.nyc/0116-2022 One-Stop Shop NYC Business Portal
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0131-2022 Enacted Requiring the fire dept to conduct residential education and outreach regarding the safe operation of electric space heaters.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez
intro.nyc/0133-2022 Inspections of sprinkler system and standpipe system fire department connections.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams
intro.nyc/0139-2022 Report on the impact of the deaths of parents and guardians from COVID-19 on children and the repeal of such requirement upon the expiration thereof.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu
intro.nyc/0204-2022 Raising the inspection fees for certain housing inspections.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez
intro.nyc/0208-2022 Enacted Inspections of self-closing doors and fire safety notices in residential buildings.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams
intro.nyc/0215-2022 Social services for the wrongfully convicted.
Introduced by Charles Barron
intro.nyc/0243-2022 Requiring multiple dwelling owners to post notices regarding electric space heater safety.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif
intro.nyc/0273-2022 Requiring police officers to receive training related to recognizing and interacting with individuals with autism.
Introduced by Mercedes Narcisse
intro.nyc/0276-2022 De-escalation and trauma-informed training for dept of homeless services employees.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé
intro.nyc/0278-2022 Requiring secure package storage in certain buildings.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé
intro.nyc/0352-2022 Requiring the registration of owners of vacant property.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler
intro.nyc/0439-2022 Requiring the mayor’s office of criminal justice to evaluate the effectiveness of criminal justice programs that receive funding from the city.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams
intro.nyc/0472-2022 Establishing a program in the department of health and mental hygiene to train doulas and provide doula services to residents in all five boroughs.
Introduced by Jennifer Gutiérrez
intro.nyc/0480-2022 Enacted Naming of 78 thoroughfares and public places.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan
intro.nyc/0485-2022 Electronic child care directory.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0486-2022 Establishing a child care advisory board.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0487-2022 Establishing a child care subsidy information portal.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0518-2022 Study and report on the trafficking of illegal firearms.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu
intro.nyc/0542-2022 Requiring DOE, ACS and DOC to report on educational programming for juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders and adolescent offenders.
Introduced by Mercedes Narcisse
intro.nyc/0602-2022 Determining and identifying the area commonly known as Times Square.
Introduced by Adrienne E. Adams