Eric Dinowitz

Apr 2021 - Dec 2025
District 11 (Bronx)


Bronx Delegation of the New York City Council (co-chair)
Committee on Civil Service and Labor
Committee on Education
Committee on Higher Education (chair)
Committee on Housing and Buildings
Committee on Standards and Ethics
Subcommittee on Senior Centers and Food Insecurity
Task Force to Combat Hate (co-chair)

Legislation (2024-2025 Session)

Council member Eric Dinowitz has introduced 19 bills in the current legislative session.

16 bills are in Committee , 1 bills are Laid Over in Committee , 2 bills are Enacted Enacted Provision of senior citizen rent increase exemption application forms pre-populated with applicable data to eligible persons living in city-supervised Mitchell-Lama housing.
with 46 sponsors Bicycle storage in city buildings.
with 5 sponsors Establishing accessibility guidelines for print documents.
with 5 sponsors Requiring annual reports on employment turnover of school safety agents and other school safety personnel.
with 2 sponsors Requiring the department of education to conduct a study on the feasibility of installing green roofs on schools.
with 13 sponsors Requiring reporting on projected and actual school enrollment numbers.
with 7 sponsors Requiring information about elections for non-municipal offices, ballot proposals and referenda in the voter guide.
with 6 sponsors Reporting on the number of bedrooms created though inclusionary housing programs. Notification of hate crimes.
with 3 sponsors Creating a mobile application to support the efficient handling of 311 service requests by city employees.
with 3 sponsors Requiring the 311 customer service center to provide live chat functionality.
with 5 sponsors Enacted Providing an estimated wait time to 311 call center customers.
with 12 sponsors A teacher retention reporting requirement and task force.
with 10 sponsors The designation of rapid emergency response centers in each community district.
with 6 sponsors Requiring the 311 customer service center to conduct customer satisfaction surveys after each 311 call intake is closed and to publish agency report cards.
with 10 sponsors 311 transmitting image and video data for service requests or complaints.
with 8 sponsors Requiring that 311 allow persons to request snow and ice removal on pedestrian bridges and that those reports be routed to the appropriate agency.
with 7 sponsors Duplicate 311 requests for service and complaints.
with 3 sponsors Enforcing the human rights law and conducting an information campaign for places of public accommodation.
with 5 sponsors

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Eric Dinowitz has sponsored 50 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session. Enacted The naming of the Paul A. Vallone Queens Animal Care Center.
Introduced by Adrienne E. Adams Translating the citizen’s air complaint program portal into the designated citywide languages.
Introduced by Alexa Avilés Enacted Electric vehicle supply equipment in open parking lots and parking garages.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Enacted Requiring the posting of lithium-ion or other storage battery safety information in powered bicycle or powered mobility device businesses.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer Establishing a system to obtain employment and income information from a third-party for the city’s use in making determinations for benefits and services eligibility.
Introduced by Amanda Farías An invasive species advisory board.
Introduced by James F. Gennaro Requiring that all public waste receptacles be emptied by the department of sanitation at least once per day.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden Enacted Requiring the NYC department of education to report actual class sizes and expand reports on the number of students in special programs in New York city public schools.
Introduced by Rita C. Joseph Enacted Prohibiting vending in bicycle lanes.
Introduced by Julie Menin Enacted Requiring the department of health and mental hygiene to develop a healthy nyc population health agenda.
Introduced by Lynn C. Schulman Creation of curbside overnight truck parking sections in Industrial Business Zones.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams Enacted Establishing a pilot program to construct solar canopies in certain parking lots.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Requiring the department of education to create a plan to provide specialized high schools exam preparation to all middle school students.
Introduced by Oswald Feliz Establishing a program to provide financial assistance to small retail businesses for the purchase of security system technology.
Introduced by Oswald Feliz Requiring the department of education to report on certain physical facilities at city schools.
Introduced by Jennifer Gutiérrez Enacted Provision of information regarding the NYC Care program to older adults.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson The creation of a truth, healing, and reconciliation process.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson Black & BIPOC Care Package - Creating a task force to consider the impact of slavery and past injustices for African Americans in New York city and reparations for such injustices.
Introduced by Farah N. Louis Accessibility in small businesses.
Introduced by Julie Menin Increasing civil penalties for idling infractions by trucks and buses.
Introduced by Julie Menin Establishing an office of small business digitalization and technical amendments in relation thereto.
Introduced by Julie Menin Automatic waiver of certain additional penalties for a parking violation if a vehicle owner responds to a notice of violation between forty-five and ninety days of its issuance.
Introduced by Mercedes Narcisse Installation of solar photovoltaic systems on city-owned property.
Introduced by Sandy Nurse Pilot program for the use of unmanned aircraft systems in the inspection of the exterior walls of buildings greater than six stories in height.
Introduced by Keith Powers Requiring the department of education to create a plan to administer specialized high schools admission tests on a school day.
Introduced by Keith Powers Sidewalk shed design requirements.
Introduced by Keith Powers Requiring permit holders responsible for sidewalk sheds or scaffolding to repair or replace certain damaged city-owned trees.
Introduced by Keith Powers Removing construction-related equipment.
Introduced by Keith Powers Altering the timeline of initial façade examinations for new construction and coordinating all façade examinations on each city block.
Introduced by Keith Powers Amending the nuisance abatement law regarding the sale or delivery of cannabis.
Introduced by Keith Powers Periodic inspections of gas piping systems, ordinary plumbing work, reestablishing the plumbing and fire suppression piping contractor license board, piping systems, emergency work, fire suppression piping work, and seizure.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Building water system maintenance and inspection.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Department of transportation posting information on traffic control device and speed reducer requests on its website.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams Requiring the department of education to create a plan for a pilot after school SHSAT preparation program.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Street resurfacing timeline.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Adding a 311 complaint category for unlicensed cannabis retailers.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer Increasing the number of drinking fountains adjacent to public parks and greenstreets.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer Requiring that every bicycle with electric assist, electric scooter and other legal motorized vehicle be licensed and registered.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden A vehicle theft prevention program.
Introduced by Linda Lee Use of global positioning system coordinates for 311 complaints and service requests.
Introduced by Keith Powers Requiring the 311 customer service center to accept requests for service and complaints using video call functionality.
Introduced by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams The cleaning and maintenance of city property.
Introduced by Kevin C. Riley Enacted Continuation of the New York city rent stabilization law.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Establishing exemptions for third-party food delivery services from the limits on fees charged by such services on food service establishments.
Introduced by Rafael Salamanca, Jr. Requiring that law enforcement officers responding to noise complaints carry sound level meters
Introduced by Robert F. Holden Building emissions calculations, adjustments and penalties.
Introduced by Linda Lee Tree maintenance prioritization
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams Prohibiting the sale of menstrual and intimate care products that contain unsafe ingredients.
Introduced by Amanda Farías Enacted Requiring council advice and consent for certain commissioners.
Introduced by Adrienne E. Adams Mayor's Desk for Signature Naming of 100 thoroughfares and public places,
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan