Public Advocate Jumaane Williams

Mar 2019 - Dec 2025

Legislation (2024-2025 Session)

Council member Public Advocate Jumaane Williams has introduced 66 bills in the current legislative session.

64 bills are in Committee , 2 bills are Laid Over in Committee Dept of finance conducting education and outreach regarding deed and foreclosure prevention assistance fraud.
with 10 sponsors A temporary moratorium on third party transfers of real property and a study on the eligibility of transferable property.
with 4 sponsors Requiring the department of education to provide information requiring school compliance with the Americans with disabilities act.
with 7 sponsors Requiring employers to hold an onboarding meeting to discuss an employee's reintegration back into the workplace after parental leave.
with 5 sponsors Prohibiting discrimination in the issuance of credit and requiring creditors to disclose to potential borrowers how their rate is calculated.
with 10 sponsors Requiring a report on voter registration in city jails.
with 6 sponsors The cleaning of catch basins and reports on catch basin cleanups and maintenance.
with 10 sponsors Requiring reporting on crime statistics in shelters.
with 5 sponsors The creation of a taskforce to study improving safety in homeless shelters.
with 6 sponsors Establishing a commission to develop a citywide shelter siting plan for implementation by the department of homeless services and social services.
with 7 sponsors Sales of cooperative apartments.
with 25 sponsors Creating a division within the department of small business services to assist street vendors and requiring the commissioner of small business services to update the department’s programs to facilitate street vendor access.
with 20 sponsors Establishment of a home sharing program for homeless individuals and reporting in relation thereto.
with 3 sponsors Signage regarding transgender rights and services at hospitals.
with 8 sponsors Requiring the department of health and mental hygiene to report on training for medical care for transgender and gender non-conforming persons.
with 5 sponsors Establishing a commission to study and make recommendations regarding the root causes of violence in the city.
with 3 sponsors Requiring owners to notify tenants of unsafe conditions of exterior walls of buildings. Responding to complaints filed about immediately hazardous and hazardous conditions in multiple dwellings.
with 2 sponsors Creating an interagency task force to be charged with studying the obstacles faced by children of incarcerated parents, from arrest to reunification.
with 3 sponsors 311 transmitting image and video data for housing service requests or complaints.
with 3 sponsors Requiring the department of correction to assist incarcerated individuals in obtaining school transcripts, social security cards and driver licenses.
with 7 sponsors Imposing civil penalties on contractors who perform work after the expiration of a permit.
with 4 sponsors Creating a three-digit mental health emergency hotline.
with 8 sponsors Requiring that NYPD vehicles be equipped with bulletproof glass.
with 7 sponsors Requiring the department of small business services to offer training and education to small businesses regarding accessibility of the workplace and inclusion of workers with disabilities.
with 4 sponsors Requiring the 311 customer service center to accept requests for service and complaints using video call functionality.
with 5 sponsors Creating a youth employment education program.
with 9 sponsors Establishing a college admissions counseling program.
with 6 sponsors Videoconferencing services for individuals in custody of the department of correction
with 7 sponsors Establishing an emergency student food plan
with 5 sponsors Prohibiting unauthorized surveillance by a global positioning system or similar technology.
with 5 sponsors Requiring police officers to treat breathing difficulties as medical emergencies.
with 5 sponsors Use of conducted electrical weapons by the police department.
with 3 sponsors Social workers in city correctional facilities
with 7 sponsors Prohibiting non-disclosure agreements relating to development projects.
with 6 sponsors Private water and sewer pipelines
with 5 sponsors Expansion of the Franchise and Concession Review Committee.
with 5 sponsors Creation of a task force to study, report on, and make recommendations to improve New York city housing authority’s tenant engagement and address tenant concerns regarding safety and quality of life
with 6 sponsors Distressed property consultant disclosures and homeowner foreclosure prevention education.
with 3 sponsors Public notification regarding release of oil
with 2 sponsors Requiring safety netting and guardrail systems to protect floor openings. Strengthening scaffolding requirements.
with 3 sponsors Requiring multiple dwelling owners to provide notice to their tenants prior to temporarily or permanently making building amenities unavailable.
with 2 sponsors Licensing of general contractors.
with 4 sponsors Requiring city employers to provide earned personal time to employees.
with 4 sponsors Requiring the placement of an informational sign near the intersection of Wall and Pearl Streets in Manhattan to mark the site of New York’s first slave market.
with 8 sponsors Posting information on school meal ingredients and preparation online and reporting on allergic reactions to school meals.
with 6 sponsors Provision of menstrual cups in schools.
with 7 sponsors Requiring the dept of health and mental hygiene to provide menstrual hygiene products for CUNY to make available on campus.
with 8 sponsors Requiring that notice of hotel development plans be provided to certain officials at the time the application is filed.
with 3 sponsors Application for New York city identity cards by incarcerated persons.
with 13 sponsors Increasing penalties for failure to comply with backflow prevention requirements
with 5 sponsors Requiring the police department to report on custodial interrogations of minors
with 3 sponsors Provision of interest-free loans to small businesses, non-profits and freelance workers following certain emergency circumstances
with 11 sponsors Requiring the department of transportation to consider placement of traffic enforcement agents in developing an interagency roadway safety plan
with 5 sponsors Establishing a digital inclusion officer at every city agency
with 4 sponsors Requiring a specification for hazard pay in solicitations for certain emergency procurements made during a state of emergency related to the outbreak of a communicable disease.
with 5 sponsors Establishment of a task force to develop equitable responses to infectious disease related emergencies, including COVID-19.
with 5 sponsors Requiring the police department to post quarterly reports on its website relating to the use of seat belt holds and chokeholds
with 4 sponsors Requiring the police department to submit to the council reports of services provided to any private entity.
with 4 sponsors Requiring quarterly reporting on enforcement interactions with street vendors.
with 2 sponsors Boarders, lodgers or roomers in a private dwelling. Provision of sufficient receptacles for the storage of solid waste
with 9 sponsors Increasing the number of violations required to revoke authorization to operate a commuter van service. Pohibiting discrimination based on employment history.
with 5 sponsors Requiring the department of health and mental hygiene to create a training program for providers of pregnancy and postpartum-related services about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.
with 4 sponsors

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Public Advocate Jumaane Williams has sponsored 37 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session. Permitting street vendors to vend within two feet from the curb.
Introduced by Carmen N. De La Rosa Repealing the misdemeanor criminal penalties for general vendors and mobile food vendors.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan Conducting a study of the impact that truck and delivery traffic generated by last mile facilities have on local communities and infrastructure.
Introduced by Alexa Avilés Department of transportation to study street design as a means to limit or reduce the use by commercial vehicles of streets in residential neighborhoods.
Introduced by Alexa Avilés Reporting on dress code policies New York City schools.
Introduced by Diana I. Ayala The rights of persons who engage in sex work.
Introduced by Tiffany Cabán Requiring correction officers to carry and administer opioid antagonists while on duty and to receive related training.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Minimum standards for emergency congregate housing.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Notification of the right to be placed in shelter.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Enhancing the IDNYC application process.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Requiring the department of consumer and worker protection to implement an outreach and education program regarding phone scams involving voice cloning.
Introduced by Julie Menin Prohibiting the dissemination of materially deceptive audio or visual media in local elections.
Introduced by Julie Menin Reporting of data related to COVID-19.
Introduced by Julie Menin Menstrual products in city bathroom facilities.
Introduced by Julie Menin Establishing an office of small business digitalization and technical amendments in relation thereto.
Introduced by Julie Menin The fees charged in a residential rental real estate transaction.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé Maximum fee allowed when transferring money to a person in the custody of the department of correction.
Introduced by Keith Powers Procedures following the death of an individual in custody of the department of correction and a report on compassionate release.
Introduced by Carlina Rivera Ensuring business licensing and regulatory compliance of all mobile food and general vendors.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Expanding availability of rapid testing for sexually transmitted infections.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Requiring cooperative corporations to provide financial information to prospective purchasers of cooperative apartments.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Requiring the borough presidents to provide equal employment opportunity trainings to community board members.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams Establishing an office of climate resiliency.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Extending the statute of limitations for commencing a private cause of action under the city human rights law.
Introduced by James F. Gennaro Maximum working hours for home care aides.
Introduced by Christopher Marte Requiring the department of transportation to install bilingual street name signs
Introduced by Christopher Marte Establish and operate a pilot program providing free mental health services to children who have been returned to their home following a removal, and providing for the repeal of such provisions upon the expiration thereof.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Requiring the department of correction to report on physical violence against and sexual harassment of correctional staff and ensure that staff have access to mental health treatment resources.
Introduced by Althea V. Stevens Establish a rat contraceptive pilot program.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu Reports on the response to asylum seeker arrivals and requiring the use of budget codes for funding associated with the response to asylum seeker arrivals.
Introduced by Diana I. Ayala Prohibiting city agencies from procuring single-use water containers.
Introduced by Erik D. Bottcher Abolishing the criminal group database and prohibiting the establishment of a successor database.
Introduced by Althea V. Stevens Returning funds remaining in commissary accounts when incarcerated individuals are released from custody.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson Limiting nighttime illumination for certain buildings.
Introduced by Francisco P. Moya Mayor's Desk for Signature Requiring council advice and consent for certain commissioners.
Introduced by Adrienne E. Adams Creation of appropriate and responsible use practices for artificial intelligence tools used by city agencies.
Introduced by Julie Menin Replacement of lead water service lines.
Introduced by James F. Gennaro