Chi A. Ossé

Jan 2022 - Dec 2025
District 36 (Brooklyn)


Brooklyn Delegation of the New York City Council (co-chair)
Committee on Children and Youth
Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection
Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries and International Intergroup Relations
Committee on Finance
Committee on General Welfare
Committee on Public Housing
Committee on Public Safety

Legislation (2024-2025 Session)

Council member Chi A. Ossé has introduced 2 bills in the current legislative session.

2 bills are in Committee Requiring the administration for children’s services to report annually on the number of and placement of LGBTQ+ foster youth.
with 6 sponsors Penalties for failure to store waste in a satisfactory manner in required receptacles and for placing waste at the curb or on the street or sidewalk prior to the specified time for collection.
with 7 sponsors

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Chi A. Ossé has sponsored 9 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session. Requiring the use of shore power by cruise terminal operators and community traffic mitigation plans in neighborhoods impacted by cruise ships at berth.
Introduced by Alexa Avilés Permitting street vendors to vend within two feet from the curb.
Introduced by Carmen N. De La Rosa Mayor's Desk for Signature Provision of senior citizen rent increase exemption application forms pre-populated with applicable data to eligible persons living in city-supervised Mitchell-Lama housing.
Introduced by Eric Dinowitz Mayor's Desk for Signature Establishing a program to assist with door and window repair and security for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Repealing the misdemeanor criminal penalties for general vendors and mobile food vendors.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan Requiring the department of sanitation to accept commercial solid waste at city-owned or operated marine transfer stations and city-owned or operated rail transfer stations.
Introduced by Sandy Nurse Post-employment activities of former elected officials.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler Post-employment activities of certain former public servants.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler The disposition of real property of the city.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler