Robert F. Holden

Jan 2018 - Dec 2023
District 37 (Queens)


Caucus - Common-Sense Caucus
Caucus - Irish Caucus
Committee on Environmental Protection
Committee on Fire and Emergency Management
Committee on Parks and Recreation
Committee on Public Safety
Committee on Technology
Committee on Veterans (chair)

Legislation (2022-2023 Session)

Council member Robert F. Holden has introduced 72 bills in the current legislative session.

70 bills are in Committee , 2 bills are Laid Over in Committee Permitting the use of segregated housing as a disciplinary sanction for certain incarcerated individuals in city jails.
with 2 sponsors Establishing and maintaining an online tool for measuring performance of city agencies.
with 17 sponsors Contact information for outdoor advertising companies.
with 4 sponsors Prohibiting the exhalation of smoke at a person’s face with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm such person. Prohibiting the use of a vehicle to reserve a parking space and prohibiting the continuous parking of a vehicle in the same location for more than five consecutive days.
with 3 sponsors Establishing a pilot program to study increasing the minimum percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement in asphaltic concrete.
with 3 sponsors Requiring towing companies to remove debris from the scene of an accident.
with 6 sponsors Temporary absence procedures for citywide public officials.
with 2 sponsors The welfare of shelter animals, and to repeal section 17-820 of such administrative code upon the expiration thereof.
with 2 sponsors Requiring that the DOT maintain curb heights following street construction.
with 2 sponsors Restricting the parking of certain commercial vehicles in residential streets overnight.
with 4 sponsors Prohibiting triple tours of duty for department of correction custodial officers.
with 4 sponsors Creating an annual report on the performance of department of homeless services providers.
with 11 sponsors Reporting of foreclosing residential properties to council members.
with 9 sponsors Requiring that all public waste receptacles be emptied by the dept of sanitation at least once per day.
with 9 sponsors Community engagement with individuals who have limited internet access.
with 3 sponsors Establishing a cable franchise agreements website.
with 3 sponsors Creating a task force to conduct a feasibility study on a digital identification program.
with 2 sponsors Street markings indicating locations of fire hydrants.
with 2 sponsors Study and report on the ownership and maintenance of utility poles.
with 5 sponsors Noise standard for commercial establishments.
with 3 sponsors Increasing penalties for excessive noise from speakers and motor vehicles.
with 5 sponsors Response and preparedness measures for highly transmissible diseases.
with 3 sponsors Requiring photographic documentation evidencing certain violations enforced by the dept of HPD.
with 3 sponsors Increasing certain penalties for excessive noise from a personal audio device on or inside a motor vehicle.
with 5 sponsors Requiring the commissioner of sanitation to report on sidewalk obstruction enforcement.
with 2 sponsors Database and map of media and entertainment production activities.
with 4 sponsors Number of steps to submit service requests or complaints on the 311 website and mobile application.
with 6 sponsors Reports of illegal towing to 311.
with 3 sponsors Posting information about community board members online.
with 3 sponsors Suspending bus lane enforcement on legal holidays.
with 3 sponsors 14-day notification requirement for movie-making, telecasting and photography permit applications when special parking requests are required.
with 5 sponsors Light pollution from light fixtures in a residential district.
with 4 sponsors Requiring an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all council members for the passage of any local law or resolution that raises taxes.
with 4 sponsors Prohibiting new electronic cigarette retailers near schools.
with 6 sponsors Violations of certain requirements for places of assembly.
with 3 sponsors Protecting the identities of victims of crimes of violence.
with 7 sponsors Revising criteria for enforcement of civil and criminal offenses for specified unlawful acts, and to repeal and replace section 14-155 of such code in relation thereto.
with 3 sponsors Community notification of proposed major transportation projects.
with 3 sponsors Installation and maintenance of tree guards.
with 4 sponsors Prohibiting school bus parking on city streets overnight and on weekends.
with 5 sponsors Requiring the police dept to inform car accident victims on the directed accident response program.
with 5 sponsors Guidance to private employers and the public in the event of a highly transmissible disease emergency.
with 2 sponsors Allowing the department of sanitation to purchase appropriate vehicles to utilize during a snowfall.
with 4 sponsors Requirements for maintenance of a civil action against the city for damages or injuries sustained in consequence of unsafe conditions on streets, sidewalks or similar public spaces.
with 3 sponsors Suspending alternate side of the street parking when there is at least four inches of snow.
with 4 sponsors Requiring the parks department to repair damage caused by trees owned by the city of New York.
with 10 sponsors Door to door commercial solicitations.
with 3 sponsors Requiring the Department of Homeless Services to report information regarding veterans entering and exiting shelter.
with 9 sponsors Spending by foreign nationals and foreign-influenced entities in connection with city elections.
with 2 sponsors Prohibiting new smoking paraphernalia retailer dealers near schools.
with 6 sponsors Creation of an interagency derelict housing and neglected property task force.
with 5 sponsors Improving the flow of traffic during street construction.
with 4 sponsors Prohibiting certain commercial establishments from parking vehicles on city streets.
with 3 sponsors Requiring each community board to establish a veterans committee.
with 4 sponsors Raising the maximum age to apply to become a firefighter.
with 7 sponsors Remediating lead water hazards in schools and facilities providing day care services.
with 4 sponsors Building permit classifications and certificate of occupancy requirements.
with 3 sponsors Requiring that law enforcement officers responding to noise complaints carry sound level meters.
with 7 sponsors Requiring DEP to post information online regarding scheduled and requested infrastructure services.
with 5 sponsors Requiring the preparation of five-year capital plans for parks on a community board level.
with 3 sponsors Undertaking of surveys before planting trees.
with 2 sponsors Unlawful methods of restraint during an arrest or attempted arrest.
with 3 sponsors Create a commission to examine the cost of renovating jail facilities on Rikers Island.
with 3 sponsors Procurement opportunities for veteran owned business enterprises.
with 2 sponsors Creation of a centralized mobile application for accessing city services. Delayed repairs to sidewalks damaged by city-owned trees.
with 3 sponsors Consumer protections and home repair work.
with 2 sponsors Operation of horse drawn carriages and to replace the horse drawn carriage industry with a horseless electric carriage program.
with 12 sponsors Cool pavements pilot program.
with 5 sponsors Imposing a limit upon the real property tax levy. Sale of aerosol spray paint cans and broad tipped indelible markers.

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Robert F. Holden has sponsored 56 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session. Dismissal of summonses alleging violations of executive orders in connection with COVID-19 and the refund of monetary penalties paid in connection with such violations.
Introduced by Kalman Yeger Suspension of alternate side of the street parking rules and parking meter rules during and after snowfalls.
Introduced by Kalman Yeger Prohibiting the sale of guinea pigs as pets, and clarifying the definition of the term “pet shop” to address inconsistent use of such term in the code.
Introduced by Diana I. Ayala Reporting of promptness of agency payments to contractors.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Requiring the DOE to report on school bus transportation services employees.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Distribution of special education services and individualized education program resource information.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Requiring a searchable dashboard for notices of violation issued by the department of sanitation.
Introduced by Kalman Yeger Notification of changes to appropriations of capital projects funded by the council.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Use of non-deadly physical force in self-defense by a peace officer or security guard at a shelter.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Removing public urination from the list of offenses diverted to the office of administrative trials and hearings.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Report on costs to repair sidewalks damaged by city-owned trees.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Establishing an inter-borough planning and advisory commission for the siting of active transportation parking hubs in the city.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Creation of a separate 311 category for COVID-19 testing site complaints.
Introduced by Julie Menin Reimbursing small nonpublic schools for the cost of security guard services.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Enacted Defining the term self-closing door.
Introduced by Oswald Feliz Enacted Housing and fire safety.
Introduced by Oswald Feliz Enacted Sale of electric space heaters.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Minimum temperatures required to be maintained in dwellings.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson One-Stop Shop NYC Business Portal
Introduced by Julie Menin Enacted Requiring the fire dept to conduct residential education and outreach regarding the safe operation of electric space heaters.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez Report on the impact of the deaths of parents and guardians from COVID-19 on children and the repeal of such requirement upon the expiration thereof.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu Enacted Requiring the commissioner of buildings to waive filing fees for permits to alter family dwellings to conform to the NYC fire code.
Introduced by David M. Carr Requiring carbon monoxide detecting devices in the basements of certain dwellings.
Introduced by David M. Carr Reporting on park capital expenditures.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan Maximum working hours for home care aides.
Introduced by Christopher Marte Limiting the amount of sidewalk area that private property owners are responsible for maintaining.
Introduced by Francisco P. Moya Monthly reports on animal shelters that are in contract with the city.
Introduced by Keith Powers Informing sexual assault survivors of their rights.
Introduced by Marjorie Velázquez Enacted Inspections of self-closing doors and fire safety notices in residential buildings.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams Creating a marine debris disposal and vessel surrendering office.
Introduced by Joann Ariola Reducing noise caused by sightseeing helicopters that meet federal noise reduction standards.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer Requiring DOT to make available on its website biographical information pertaining to all street and park name changes.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer Residential curbside organics collection.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif Establishing a goal of zero waste for NYC by 2030.
Introduced by Sandy Nurse Goal of zero waste to landfill.
Introduced by Sandy Nurse Requiring secure package storage in certain buildings.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé Community recycling centers.
Introduced by Keith Powers Organic waste drop off sites.
Introduced by Keith Powers Domestic violence related calls to 311.
Introduced by Sandra Ung Enacted Requiring the department of homeless services and the human resources administration to track and report certain data regarding rental assistance programs.
Introduced by Alexa Avilés Requiring the department of consumer and worker protection to send documents related to licensing by certified mail.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Prohibiting certain unsolicited disclosures of intimate images.
Introduced by Joseph C. Borelli Reporting on contract awards made from discretionary funds allocated by a council member.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Provision of information about pediatric emergency rooms.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan Establishing a reward for individuals who provide information leading to the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person who seriously injures or kills another individual in a hit-and-run accident.
Introduced by Selvena N. Brooks-Powers Requiring the police department to report annually on officer resignations prior to becoming eligible for retirement with pension.
Introduced by Inna Vernikov Report tracking the opioid settlement fund.
Introduced by Linda Lee Study by the dept of health and mental hygiene on the causes of rising wait times in emergency departments.
Introduced by Carlina Rivera Enacted Naming of 78 thoroughfares and public places.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan Requiring DOT to notify property owners ordered to repair sidewalks of existing department plans to make repairs on same sidewalks.
Introduced by Linda Lee Hazardous obstruction by vehicles and civilian complaints to the department of transportation for hazardous obstruction violations.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler Requiring mental health professionals in families with children shelters.
Introduced by Erik D. Bottcher Interest rates applicable to installment agreements for the payment of property tax arrears.
Introduced by David M. Carr Sale and processing of catalytic converters.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer Information about health care services.
Introduced by Carlina Rivera Improving safety at pedestrian crossings in the city.
Introduced by Ari Kagan