Oswald Feliz

Apr 2021 - Dec 2023
District 15 (Bronx)


Caucus - Black, Latino and Asian Caucus (co-chair)
Committee on Civil Service and Labor
Committee on Education
Committee on Fire and Emergency Management
Committee on Health
Committee on Higher Education
Committee on Housing and Buildings
Special Committee on Twin Parks Citywide Taskforce on Fire Prevention (chair)
Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Sitings and Dispositions

Legislation (2022-2023 Session)

Council member Oswald Feliz has introduced 5 bills in the current legislative session.

3 bills are in Committee , 2 bills are Enacted

intro.nyc/0104-2022 Enacted Defining the term self-closing door.
with 34 sponsors
intro.nyc/0105-2022 Enacted Housing and fire safety.
with 32 sponsors
intro.nyc/0528-2022 Requiring the department of education to create a plan to provide specialized high schools exam preparation to all middle school students.
with 9 sponsors
intro.nyc/0566-2022 Requiring all children with an individualized education program to be transported in buses with air-conditioning.
with 6 sponsors
intro.nyc/0567-2022 Prohibiting homeless families with children from being housed in private buildings with multiple class C housing maintenance code violations.
with 4 sponsors

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Oswald Feliz has sponsored 31 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session.

intro.nyc/0056-2022 Establishing a nightlife opioid antagonist program.
Introduced by Chi A. Ossé
intro.nyc/0106-2022 Enacted Sale of electric space heaters.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif
intro.nyc/0115-2022 Minimum temperatures required to be maintained in dwellings.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson
intro.nyc/0116-2022 One-Stop Shop NYC Business Portal
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0133-2022 Inspections of sprinkler system and standpipe system fire department connections.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams
intro.nyc/0139-2022 Report on the impact of the deaths of parents and guardians from COVID-19 on children and the repeal of such requirement upon the expiration thereof.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu
intro.nyc/0143-2022 Remediating lead water hazards in schools.
Introduced by Charles Barron
intro.nyc/0155-2022 Enacted Requiring the commissioner of buildings to waive filing fees for permits to alter family dwellings to conform to the NYC fire code.
Introduced by David M. Carr
intro.nyc/0175-2022 Maximum working hours for home care aides.
Introduced by Christopher Marte
intro.nyc/0204-2022 Raising the inspection fees for certain housing inspections.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez
intro.nyc/0208-2022 Enacted Inspections of self-closing doors and fire safety notices in residential buildings.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams
intro.nyc/0228-2022 Increasing the number of drinking fountains adjacent to public parks and greenstreets.
Introduced by Gale A. Brewer
intro.nyc/0243-2022 Requiring multiple dwelling owners to post notices regarding electric space heater safety.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif
intro.nyc/0244-2022 Residential curbside organics collection.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif
intro.nyc/0274-2022 Establishing a goal of zero waste for NYC by 2030.
Introduced by Sandy Nurse
intro.nyc/0275-2022 Goal of zero waste to landfill.
Introduced by Sandy Nurse
intro.nyc/0280-2022 Community recycling centers.
Introduced by Keith Powers
intro.nyc/0281-2022 Organic waste drop off sites.
Introduced by Keith Powers
intro.nyc/0312-2022 Increasing certain penalties for excessive noise from motor vehicles.
Introduced by Erik D. Bottcher
intro.nyc/0328-2022 Requiring a minority and women-owned business enterprise consultant for city projects with budgets in excess of ten million dollars.
Introduced by Selvena N. Brooks-Powers
intro.nyc/0329-2022 Establishing a reward for individuals who provide information leading to the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person who seriously injures or kills another individual in a hit-and-run accident.
Introduced by Selvena N. Brooks-Powers
intro.nyc/0367-2022 Establishing an office of pandemic preparedness.
Introduced by Marjorie Velázquez
intro.nyc/0438-2022 Waiving parks permit fees for schools and child day care centers and providing an online system for school permit applications.
Introduced by Althea V. Stevens
intro.nyc/0485-2022 Electronic child care directory.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0486-2022 Establishing a child care advisory board.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0487-2022 Establishing a child care subsidy information portal.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0488-2022 Establishing a child care program fund.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0489-2022 Child care certification program.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0518-2022 Study and report on the trafficking of illegal firearms.
Introduced by Shaun Abreu
intro.nyc/0632-2022 Prohibiting housing discrimination on the basis of arrest record or criminal history.
Introduced by Keith Powers
intro.nyc/0644-2022 Requiring the New York city department of education to provide information on establishing afterschool programs.
Introduced by Nantasha M. Williams