Darlene Mealy

Jan 2006 - Dec 2025
District 41 (Brooklyn)


Brooklyn Delegation of the New York City Council
Committee on Aging
Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities and Addiction
Committee on Public Housing
Subcommittee on COVID & Infectious Diseases
Subcommittee on Senior Centers and Food Insecurity (chair)

Legislation (2024-2025 Session)

Council member Darlene Mealy has introduced 0 bills in the current legislative session.

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Darlene Mealy has sponsored 18 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session.

intro.nyc/0001-2024 Enacted The naming of the Paul A. Vallone Queens Animal Care Center.
Introduced by Adrienne E. Adams
intro.nyc/0004-2024 Enacted Requiring the use of shore power by cruise terminal operators and community traffic mitigation plans in neighborhoods impacted by cruise ships at berth
Introduced by Alexa Avilés
intro.nyc/0017-2024 Enacted Electric vehicle supply equipment in open parking lots and parking garages.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0025-2024 Enacted Provision of senior citizen rent increase exemption application forms pre-populated with applicable data to eligible persons living in city-supervised Mitchell-Lama housing.
Introduced by Eric Dinowitz
intro.nyc/0039-2024 Enacted Establishing a program to assist with door and window repair and security for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.
Introduced by Shahana K. Hanif
intro.nyc/0078-2024 The disposition of real property of the city.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler
intro.nyc/0079-2024 Installation of pedestrian lighting fixtures.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler
intro.nyc/0093-2024 Enacted Requiring the department of health and mental hygiene to develop a healthy nyc population health agenda.
Introduced by Lynn C. Schulman
intro.nyc/0172-2024 Enacted The compensation received by for-hire vehicle drivers for advertising on the interior of for-hire vehicles.
Introduced by Amanda Farías
intro.nyc/0228-2024 Mayor's Desk for Signature Provision of information regarding the NYC Care program to older adults.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson
intro.nyc/0300-2024 Establishing an office of small business digitalization and technical amendments in relation thereto.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0326-2024 Requiring that certain contact information be posted at work sites.
Introduced by Francisco P. Moya
intro.nyc/0327-2024 Requiring the police department’s property clerk to look for a claimant’s identification in seized property upon request.
Introduced by Francisco P. Moya
intro.nyc/0328-2024 Resources for cleanup and enforcement of dumping.
Introduced by Francisco P. Moya
intro.nyc/0405-2024 The creation of a taskforce to study improving safety in homeless shelters.
Introduced by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams
intro.nyc/0432-2024 Distributing information about after school programs.
Introduced by Pierina Ana Sanchez
intro.nyc/0587-2024 Requiring the 311 customer service center to conduct customer satisfaction surveys after each 311 call intake is closed and to publish agency report cards.
Introduced by Eric Dinowitz
intro.nyc/0606-2024 Requiring that every bicycle with electric assist, electric scooter and other legal motorized vehicle be licensed and registered.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden