Darlene Mealy

Jan 2006 - Dec 2023
District 41 (Brooklyn)


Caucus - Black, Latino and Asian Caucus
Caucus - Progressive Caucus
Caucus - Women's Caucus
Committee on Aging
Committee on Land Use
Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities and Addiction
Committee on Public Housing
Committee on Public Safety
Committee on Small Business
Subcommittee on Senior Centers and Food Insecurity (chair)

Legislation (2022-2023 Session)

Council member Darlene Mealy has introduced 1 bills in the current legislative session.

1 bills are in Committee

intro.nyc/0449-2022 Pesticide use reporting manual published by the dept of parks and recreation.

Sponsored Legislation

Council member Darlene Mealy has sponsored 27 bills originally introduced by other Council members in the current legislative session.

intro.nyc/0007-2022 Admission to recreational facilities.
Introduced by Diana I. Ayala
intro.nyc/0008-2022 Disclosure of service fee charges associated with tickets to entertainment events in NYC.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0011-2022 Reporting of promptness of agency payments to contractors.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0013-2022 Provision of bridge loans to contractors.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0014-2022 Enacted Including the most recent data available in the citywide M/WBE disparity study.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0015-2022 Requiring the DOE to report on school bus transportation services employees.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0016-2022 Distribution of special education services and individualized education program resource information.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0020-2022 Increasing penalties on chain businesses for failure to remove snow, ice and dirt from sidewalks.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0021-2022 Requiring a clause in commercial leases that obligates the parties to engage in good faith negotiations during certain states of emergency.
Introduced by Justin L. Brannan
intro.nyc/0024-2022 Establishing and maintaining an online tool for measuring performance of city agencies.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden
intro.nyc/0027-2022 Prohibiting the use of a vehicle to reserve a parking space and prohibiting the continuous parking of a vehicle in the same location for more than five consecutive days.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden
intro.nyc/0028-2022 Establishing a pilot program to study increasing the minimum percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement in asphaltic concrete.
Introduced by Robert F. Holden
intro.nyc/0215-2022 Social services for the wrongfully convicted.
Introduced by Charles Barron
intro.nyc/0273-2022 Requiring police officers to receive training related to recognizing and interacting with individuals with autism.
Introduced by Mercedes Narcisse
intro.nyc/0285-2022 Establishment of an office of cannabis business services.
Introduced by Kevin C. Riley
intro.nyc/0472-2022 Establishing a program in the department of health and mental hygiene to train doulas and provide doula services to residents in all five boroughs.
Introduced by Jennifer Gutiérrez
intro.nyc/0473-2022 Requiring text to 911 and next generation 911 to be available in the designated citywide languages.
Introduced by Jennifer Gutiérrez
intro.nyc/0478-2022 An outreach and education campaign on the benefits and services provided by doulas and midwives.
Introduced by Crystal Hudson
intro.nyc/0480-2022 Enacted Naming of 78 thoroughfares and public places.
Introduced by Shekar Krishnan
intro.nyc/0485-2022 Electronic child care directory.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0486-2022 Establishing a child care advisory board.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0487-2022 Establishing a child care subsidy information portal.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0488-2022 Establishing a child care program fund.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0489-2022 Child care certification program.
Introduced by Julie Menin
intro.nyc/0504-2022 Cannabis business directory.
Introduced by Carlina Rivera
intro.nyc/0632-2022 Prohibiting housing discrimination on the basis of arrest record or criminal history.
Introduced by Keith Powers
intro.nyc/0637-2022 Disposition of real property of the city.
Introduced by Lincoln Restler